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Sustainable, restorative, regenerative – what’s in a name?

The distinctions we make in the language we use are really important. Language is what we use to invent our future.  In the evolving language of sustainability, the shift towards a regenerative approach reflects not just new strategies, but a new world view that offers enormous opportunity.

I’m better with words than pictures, so it was great to find this diagram by Bill Reed late last year.  It helps explain the different perspectives and the thinking behind them. Continue reading

Revisiting ‘the cycle of hope’…

Early in my sustainability journey I came across The Better World Handbook . The wisdom in its introduction empowered me to manage some of my emotions about “the tough stuff” and whether this sustainability thing was for me.

As I sat down to do some planning for the coming year it seemed a good time to share the Cycle of Hope and also the Handbook’s  sound advice on traps that stop people from making a difference.cycle-of-hope Continue reading