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If you can talk, you can change the world…

There’s a proverb from Zimbabwe that my singing teacher quoted a lot:

“If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing.”

Not so many years ago, how humans went about the business of behaviour change was pretty much a mystery.  Those who could do it and do it well were considered to have ‘a way with people’. Continue reading

Sustainable, restorative, regenerative – what’s in a name?

The distinctions we make in the language we use are really important. Language is what we use to invent our future.  In the evolving language of sustainability, the shift towards a regenerative approach reflects not just new strategies, but a new world view that offers enormous opportunity.

I’m better with words than pictures, so it was great to find this diagram by Bill Reed late last year.  It helps explain the different perspectives and the thinking behind them. Continue reading

Major New Fernando Flores Work Product

Both the Wall Street article and the report ‘Surfing Towards the Future’ are well worth reading if you’re interested in the practice of radical hope. LB

Chauncey Bell Blog

Fernando Flores has just delivered a major report to the nation of Chile on the subjects of innovation and preparing for the future. In English, SURFING TOWARDS THE FUTURE: CHILE ON THE 2025 HORIZON, explores “strategic orientations for innovation” for the nation over the coming decades. The document, and the work of preparing it, comes from the Chilean National Council on Innovation for Competitiveness, under Flores’ leadership.

In a blog posting reprinted in The Wall Street Journal CIO Journal, Irving Wladawsky-Berger praised the report for its creation of a new historical background for understanding and interacting with innovation. You can read his comment by clicking this title: Wall Street Journal_Innovation as a Journey Into the Future

For those with serious interest in how innovation occurs, this report is a treasure. It examines the phenomena of innovation, the background in which innovation occurs, the current historical state of the world…

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Regenerative business and coaching…

What’s coaching got to do with Regenerative Business?   In a collaboration with Alan Sieler of Newfield Institute, we explored this question in October 2010.  The detail has changed, but the value proposition hasn’t:

“A Business Opportunity for Coaches

We believe that Regenerative Business Coaching is an emerging area of business for ontological coaches and other forms of coaching. A significant challenge for organisation personnel who are committed to shifting the organisation’s mindset, be they senior leaders, middle managers or supervisors, is influencing others. Successful influencing requires excellent communication, and here is where coaching becomes relevant.

Ontological Coaching gets to the heart of how people function, learn and change. Ontological coaches facilitate advocates of regenerative business to become highly skilled communicators – able to communicate respectfully and clearly to assist people develop constructive new ways of thinking and behaving. However, Ontological Coaching on its own is not likely to provide sufficient support for advocates of regenerative business. Continue reading

Looking for leverage…

“Small changes can produce big results – but the areas of highest leverage are often the least obvious.” –  Peter Senge, “The Fifth Discipline”

Do we best change the world by pushing it – or does just pushing  hard only  generate resistance?

For change-makers, the concept of leverage can be a useful one to work with.  Leverage isn’t just pushing, which is all about the maximum amount of force you can push with, it’s about a considered application of influence to achieve major shifts. Continue reading

The ‘how’ of being the change…

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

As an Ontological Practitioner I take this quote as more than a challenge to act sustainably.  Ontology is the study of how humans go about the process of being, and Ontological Coaching takes an approach to change and innovation that focuses on our Way of Being in the world:

  • The language we use internally and in conversation with others.Way of Being
  • The moods and emotions we experience and how effectively we manage them.
  • Our bodies and their interaction with our experience of ourselves and the world.

An ontological inquiry into “being the change”…

So Gandhi’s quote doesn’t just ask me to examine my actions, it also leads me to ask:

What are the Ways of Being that will enable me to generate the change I want to see in the world?
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Creating clarity on a sustainable future

In an earlier post “Conversational practices for smart sustainability professionals” we outlined four types of conversations that contribute to effective communication and collaboration.

The most overlooked type of conversation is a conversation for clarity, where we articulate and test our understanding of a situation; explore the understandings of others; and develop a shared understanding.  Conversations for clarity  eliminate misunderstandings, build trust and allow progress to flow. Continue reading