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The craft of innovation adoption is alive and well in Samsø…

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

I was reminded of this famous quote by anthropologist Margaret Mead last week, reading the story of how the Danish island of Samsø has gone renewable and become an energy exporter. The CleanTechnica article “Introducing Samsø, A 100% Wind-Powered Island” detailed not only WHAT had been done – it also gave some fascinating insight into the HOW.   Continue reading

If you can talk, you can change the world…

There’s a proverb from Zimbabwe that my singing teacher quoted a lot:

“If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing.”

Not so many years ago, how humans went about the business of behaviour change was pretty much a mystery.  Those who could do it and do it well were considered to have ‘a way with people’. Continue reading

3 simple practices for success in the business sustainability game

Resilience Practices: Acceptance; Ambition; Curiosity & WonderGreenBiz.com recently released its 2013 State of the Profession report on the sustainability executive job market.  One of its findings was that there are key ways of being that support sustainability leadership success – particularly curiosity and an ambition to communicate effectively.

There is a trio of definable and practicable mindsets that support these ways of being. In the same way that Pilates builds core strength in our physical bodies, these practices build emotional resilience and are a strong foundation for career and life success.  The three practices are acceptance, ambition and curiosity/wonder. Continue reading

A conversational approach to innovation adoption…

So you’ve got a great idea, and you’ve come up with a proposal that will meet the needs of the people you want to use it. Your work here is done… isn’t it?

Well, no – it’s not a done deal until you have your invention turned into an adopted practice – that’s the real work of innovation. Your proposed change requires a community of people who do things in a particular way to change how they work together – and there’s a process to this. Continue reading

Spreading sustainability: innovation diffusion applied

In the book “Crossing the Chasm“, marketer Geoffrey Moore proposed that there is a specific challenge in moving innovations from the early adopters (technology enthusiasts and visionaries) out into the broader community – particularly in engaging the early majority ( who are pragmatists).  Many innovations never make it across “the chasm” into the broader population, regardless of their potential value.

If you’re in the sustainability game, you may well be on the early adoption side of the chasm.  You’re there because you’re fascinated by what’s possible and motivated by concern for the future.  However, it’s important to realise that you’re in the minority – only around 15% of the world is with you.  The other 85% are differently motivated and care about different things. Continue reading