About Us

Leigh  Baker is a thought leader who is passionate about helping sustainability professionals shine brightly instead of burning out – developing their capabilities to manage, inspire and influence so that they can deliver big results in their careers, their communities and their environment.

She is an organizational coach, mentor, systems thinker, teacher, author and a warm and compassionate presenter.

Leigh has over 15 years experience as a consultant and business coach working with clients across small and large businesses. Her professional background is in supply chain systems and business analysis, so she has a wealth of practical experience in business operations, process innovation and the ‘made’ environment to offer.  This experience complements her training and coaching in the ontology of human behaviour and innovation.

Leigh is a serial learner and addicted to the written word. Her formal qualifications include a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Psychology, a Graduate Diploma in Management Systems, a Graduate Diploma in eBusiness and Communication (Sustainability) and a Diploma of Ontological Coaching as well as various industry certificates and extensive self-education.

She is happily married and the joint custodian of a small patch of bush in the DandenongRanges outside Melbourne, where she enjoys the company of many native birds and the occasional echidna (spiny anteater).

Through her business Balance3. Leigh provides services focused on leveraging the fascinating, profitable business opportunities of environmental sustainability, helping her clients:

  • Understand regenerative business and the opportunity side of sustainability so that they can increase their business and career success.
  • Build the ‘soft’ skills of innovation adoption – the communication and management skills that turn good ideas into successful, profitable business projects.
  • Live sustainable lives and develop sustainable careers through mastery of time management, emotion management and communication skills.

For information about Leigh Baker and Balance3 programs visit www.balance3.com.au